Saturday, August 04, 2012

Highway Condition Update After Typhoon Soala

Highway 9 : Suhua Highway from Suao to Hualien is closed and would be expected to open on Aug 10. 
Photo Source : on 蘇花公路即時路況 Facebook page.
Photographer:傅立祥 Upload by Dona
This photo was taken on the Guanyin Section of the
Highway 9.
Guanyin Painting on the rock was to bless and protect
all travelers had a safe trip back home. Typhoon Soala
destroyed the safe section which was rated by the
government of Suhua Highway.   
This photo was taken on the Horen Section
About three photos were taken by 傅立祥and posted
on蘇花公路即時路況 Facebook Page.
How do visitors travel to Hualien? 
Visitors have to take the train to Hualien or drive to the south Pintung, Taitung, and Hualien.

Highway 8: partial closed
Taroko National Park (I can't get on its official website. The road condition is not good from one of  FB friend's video clip.)
This photo was posted on 林文雄's Facebook Page
It was located on 180 K of Highway 8 which was
near by Buliwan, the aboriginal village. The highway
bureau has blown up 10 huge rocks already.  
Highway from Chiayi to Alisan is closed due to massive landslide. It would take at least a week to clean up and rebuild the highway.   
Photo Source From Liberty News
Alishan Highway 35K from Chiayi to Alishan 
Picture Source: 吳仁邦's FB page

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