Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Enough Typhoon Tambin Report!

The railroad system in the south is effected by the typhoon. Some schedules have been changed. The entire island is under the thread of typhoon Tembin, especial in the southern part of Taiwan.  The Alishan Scenic Area is closed.
Info: TCWB official website  http://www.cwb.gov.tw

Info: TCWB official website  http://www.cwb.gov.tw

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Ghost-Like Typhoon Tembin

     As the tropical Storm Tembin regained its strength  and became a typhoon again, Taiwan Central Weather Bureau announced the sea warning at 11:30 AM on Aug 26 again. The weather bureau would probably issue the land warning again. Tembin is most likely to make landfall in Pintung County and then go north along the east coast which would effect the entire island. The south crossing island railroad has been shut down since its first landfall and still is under repair. Also many areas are still without a power supply, phone and internet services. So be precaution when traveling to Pintung County and Taitung County. 
TCWB predicted Tembin's Path 
The regaining strength of Tembin at 9 AM, Aug. 26
Via 鄭明典's Photos  
The precised typhoon path prediction has became a
competition among international weather bureaus like
CNN, Japan, Hong kong, the United States, and the 

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, 
and Taiwan. It was interesting to study their predictions.
Photo Source:陳旭昇  
Fujiwhara Effect: Most weather experts worried about Typhoon Tembin and Bolaven would create the effect which was discovered by the Japanese Dr. Fujiwhara during 1921 to 1923. These two typhoons have influenced each other which would bring more damages to Taiwan and Okinawa which Typhoon Bolaven is heading towards. 
Picture Source: 氣象達人彭啟明

     In meteorology, 'Fujiwhara effect' applies to the interaction of two tropical
     cyclones. In general, two tropical cyclones may start to affect each other when
     the distance between them is around 12 latitude degrees (about 1350
     kilometers). When this occurs, The tropical cyclones will rotate around one
     another in a counter-clockwise direction (in Northern Hemisphere) about their
     geometric centre. The centre needs not be the middle of the axis. The stronger
     cyclone tends to have a dominant effect on the track of the weaker one. The
     interaction will end when: there is a stronger influence of a large scale weather
     system from outside, one of the tropical cyclones weakens or the two
     cyclones merge. Research by the Observatory shows that if the distance
     between the two tropical cyclones is 1200 kilometers or more, the chance of
     merging is slim.

The interaction of two tropical cyclones
Above information is from : http://www.hko.gov.hk/education/edu01met/wxphe/ele_fujiwhara_e.htm

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Aftermath of Typhoon Tembin

     Typhoon Tembin was no predicted to make landfall in Pintung County. Its damage to Taiwan was smaller than the expectation. It caused major power and flood problems in Pintung County (Kenting) and in Taitung County. Also agricultural product prices are being driven up because of crop losses.   
     But, it also caused some political disputes over the county governor's and city mayors decisions of announcing a day-off  during the typhoon period in the media and the public. Only the governor of Tainan made the right decision for not issuing a day-off when the typhoon hit Taiwan because Tainan was not in danger. 
     The strength of Tembin has weaken, but many weather experts predict it would make a circle and pass by the east parts of Taiwan to north. It could cause some problems in Taiwan again. We will have to wait and see, so be cautious.
Source: Taiwan Central Weather Bureau
Damages in Pintung County: 

Above Picture Source: http://news.msn.com.tw/news2795099.aspx
Picture Source: CTS

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typhoon Tembin

8/24 Update:
Pingtung Peninsular has already accumulated more than 350 mm (138 inch) of rain within 3.5 hours. Some places are flooded. So be cautious when you are in the south of Taiwan. (The news was from my FB friends.)
Taiwan Railroad is cancelled its partial service toady. The government offices, including schools which are in the south of Taichung except Tainan City are closed. 


8/23 Typhoon Tembin is moving slower than expected.   Its route is also changed. Typhoon Bolaven is behind Tembin which may effect on the northeast.  

This info was issued by TCWB at 8:30 AM, Aug. 23

The sea and land warning area by TCWB 

This prediction just came in from my FB friend who
is an expert about weather. According to this prediction
which was issued this morning, Typhoon Tembin would
effect in Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pintung areas for more
than 108 hours.
Picture Source : https://www.facebook.com/StevenChen66
If Typhoon Tembin goes as  the European Centre for
Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF, the Centre)
prediction (on 8/22 15:00 PM), it would be a big disaster 

for Taiwan.
 Picture Source : https://www.facebook.com/StevenChen66

Monday, August 20, 2012

What Is Going On With The Weather Pattern In The Pacific?

This photo was posted by the director of Weather Forecast Center of TCWB. It is not a good sign to see this pattern near by Taiwan. I just hope it will bypass Taiwan. 
Picture Source: 鄭明典's FB Page on Aug 19
     Typhoon Tembin Prediction by TCWB: 
TCWB doesn't issue any warning on Typhoon Tembin 
yet. It is under observation by TCWB.  

Typhoon Tembin is now Category 4. Picture Source: 陳旭昇's FB Page on Aug 20. https://www.facebook.com/StevenChen66

Picture Source: 鄭明典's FB Page on Aug 20.
Another typhoon Bolaven is formed. It is busy in the sky's of the Pacific Ocean. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

The First Day, Aug 17 Of Ghost Month

     August 17 is the first day of ghost month which is in lunar July. What does it mean? Taiwanese believes it is the day that the hell opens its gates and let all ghosts out of hell to have one month summer vacation on the earth. The ghosts will go back to hell on the last day of lunar July.   
This was a ritual ceremony before the deity patrols a
village to get rid of bad spirits. They were the deity's
generals who performed their duty to warn off the devils

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tropic Storm Kai-Tak

8/15 Update:
TCWB predicted that Typhoon Kai-Tak won't make landfall in Taiwan. However, it will cause heavy rainfall in the south and southeast parts of Taiwan.  

Taiwan Central Weather Bureau might announce a sea warning in the afternoon and issue a land warning tonight or tomorrow morning. The entire island will rain tomorrow. 
The commuter boat schedules to Green Island will be canceled on Aug. 15. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Views Along The Historical Mountain Railroad

      After posting a preview article on the CK124 steam engine that will run again in August, I have to force myself to write this article which was in my draft box for 10 months already. The scenic along this mountain side railroad is one of my favor travel places. It is historical and a place with simplicity and spirits of the Taiwan people. 
Brief History of the Taiwan Railroad
     In 1884 Taiwan defeated the French during the Sino-French War, Taiwan became one of Qing Dynasty's provinces in 1885. The first governor of Taiwan, Liu Ming Chuan, took the railroad tracks which were being used to build their railroad system in China, but were being destroyed by the Chinese people because of superstitious reasons to Taiwan for defensive and economic developments. In 1887, he hired engineers of British H. C. Matheson and German John Bireh to construct the first railroad, 28.6 km long from Taipei to Keelung. The first running train was in 1891 with a speed of 20 km per hour. In 1888, the railroad extent from Taipei to Sinchu a total of 78 km.
     After the first Sino-Japanese War, Taiwan was given to Japan in 1895. The Japanese government in Taiwan was aggressive in rebuilding and construct new railway systems for transporting natural resources and also setting up a colonial model for its colonized counties in Southeast Asia. In 1908 it finished the most difficult segment of the railway system from Sanyi to Taian with an elevation topping of at 402.326 meter. Taiwan west railway system from Keelung to Kaohsiung was completed.
This map covering the entire mountain
railroad segment was a self guide system in
Chinese only. Click
Photo Source:


Monday, August 06, 2012

Weather Warning

8/6 11:30
TCWB has issued a north sea warning of Typhoon Haikui. People should avoid water activities on the north, northeast, east coast, Green Island and Orchid Island.

Torrential Rain warning is also issued.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Want to Take CK124 Steam Engine at the Historical Mountain Railroad from Sanyi to Taian in August ?

     While I was searching for road closures information updates for my blog after Typhoon Soala hit Taiwan, I came across article stating that Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) will run its CK124 steam engine on the historical mountain mountain railroad from Sanyi station to Taina station in Aug. The old railroad was closed in 1998 and started operating only for the summer of 2010. It had attracted a lot of railway's fans, anticipating this event and a lot of people lost their opportunity for attending due to limit seats.
     Also, this event has increased Maoli County's travel revenue and improved its economic aspects. The government asked TRA to continue its effort to schedule the event in 2011 and 2012. Below is the information which I found on TRA cruise-style train website.

     The schedule will be on Aug 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 and 31. Booking date varies, please check the schedule below. If you need more information, please check its website or call the agent directly.

Highway Condition Update After Typhoon Soala

Highway 9 : Suhua Highway from Suao to Hualien is closed and would be expected to open on Aug 10. 
Photo Source : on 蘇花公路即時路況 Facebook page.
Photographer:傅立祥 Upload by Dona
This photo was taken on the Guanyin Section of the
Highway 9.