Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How do Taiwanese cope with this flooding situation?

     People have posted a lot of flood pictures or messages all around Taiwan on their Facebook pages. Facebook now becomes a great information source for  updating the weather and flood conditions. 
     Below pictures are quoated from different Facebook pages.  
Picture Source from FB: Ohma Ma
How would you like your graduation ceremony like this?
Picture Original Source from FB: 月沉創意無限
Top Left : American Submarine  Top Right : French submarine
Mid Left : Russian Submarine    Mid Left : British Submarine
Bottom: Taiwan
Picture Source from FB:Tony Liu
One of the Taipei city bus lines. 
Picture Source from FB: Xbox Life
Picture Source from FB:侯娃娃
Picture Source from FB: Angela Ai-Chi Sun 
Picture Source from FB:  紀大偉
The National Chengchi University campus in Taipei 
Picture Source: Liberty News
Place: Taoyuan International Airport
Picture Source from FB:  馬社長

Picture Source from FB:卜曉楓
This picture has been shared almost
26,000 times on her Facebook page
after posted during the storm in the
New Taipei city.
Below two pictures at the Liberty Square in Taipei (CKS Memorial Hall) are the most beautiful and peaceful scenery due to the severe rain storm. 
Picture Source from FB:黃凱群
Picture Source from FB:黃凱群
I appreciate people who share their flood photos on their Facebook pages and hope people are safe in Taiwan. If you are in Taiwan or have to travel around the island, please be cautious about the weather situation. 
對我引用各位的相片, 如有不妥,請告知, 也謝謝願意把你珍貴的相片分享給大家.

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