Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update : 6/20 Typhoon Talim

     Typhoon Talim unusually occurred in the South China Sea which is the birthplace of Plum Rain from May to June and its route is predicted to go through the Taiwan Strait without landfall in Taiwan or China. It seems understand the sensitive relationship between Taiwan and China. So it takes the midline of the Taiwan Strait to be its path which makes it the first typhoon to break the record of the normal occur and path pattern in the typhoon history.   
     The weather bureau predicts the onset of the typhoon will start this afternoon. But the most dangerous part is not the typhoon itself but the south westerly circulation which causes the torrential rain. It means that the typhoon has gone through Taiwan but the most critical situation would still remain in Taiwan. 
This was announce at 12:15 pm. The square with
the diagonal lines means the rainy area.
      There are some roads and places have been closed due to the typhoon like Taipei Gondola and schools. Taiwan High Speed Rail has changed its schedule. Check road and transportation condition before you go. You can call 1999 in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung for any information. 
Magong Seaport was covered by the water.
Source : 
                                         Top left : British               Top Right : American                             
                                         Mid Left : Germany         Mid Right: France 
                                         Bottom : Taiwan motorcyclists during floods

       There were still some earthquakes which occurred on the 19 and 2o of June. The typhoon news is the most important news to catch people's attention now. 
     I won't set in front of my computer to watch the typhoon and flood situation for you for next couple of days. I wish everyone in Taiwan are safe.   

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