Monday, January 14, 2013

Plum Blossom Season in Chungyuan Indeginouse Tribe

     The unusual weather pattern makes this winter more wet, cold and less sunshine in Taiwan; however, the cold weather is good for some plants to grow well like plum trees. In recently years, people are more appreciated what the natural world has given us like wonderful, gorgeous scenery like plum blossom season during mid December to mid January. The most famous place for appreciating the blossom is in Sinyin Township, Nantou County.  Because it was so popular and caused traffic jam in that area, we decided  to visit another less famous and less visitors new place on a precious sunny day with our motorcycle on the beginning of the four day new year holiday. 

This was the first time my husband took me for a ride after he had someone attach 3 boxes to his bike. Our main concerned was if this motorcycle could bear our weight plus the boxes? Another thing was that I should give my husband a compliment for finding places to remodel his bike without my help. He is really a true adventure to explore Taiwan on his own.