Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Typhoon Saola Warning

                  Holy Cow! No body was injured.
 When the news correspondence vehicle got hit by this giant falling rock, the correspondent was conducting news and the driver got out for smoking. This picture was posted on 呂國寶's FB who is also a news correspondent for a TV
station. Updated by Mr.呂國寶 on his FB page that the driver was in the van when it happened. Fortunately, he wasn't injured by the falling rock but he was stunned by the rock.   

THSR will run its schedule at every 00/20/40 and stops at every station. For tomorrow schedule will be announced before 7 PM.  
Typhoon Soala made its first landfall in Hualien County at 3:30 am. After making a circle, it entered the Pacific Ocean again. TCWB predicts it might make another landfall. 
                   This picture of Xindian River was taken and posted on FB of Professor Khîn-huānn Lí around 8:30 am. The bad news is the high tide will be at 10:30 am and 23 pm which means the rivers will be overflown in Taipei. So it is extremely dangerous for people to close to river areas.

Update: 8/2
Taiwan Railroad: All schedule before noon are canceled. 
           THSR didn't announce its schedule in English          
            information source:    
Highways Closed: 
Highway 8 from Guanyuan to Taroko; Highway 7 Ilan to Lishan including North Cross Island Highway from Taoyaung to Ilan; Highway 9 :Suao to Hualien
Highway 11 partial closed.
Taiwan Weather App:
Taiwan Weather Satellite  on iTunes 
Taiwan Excellent for iOS and android is a very nice app by TAITRA and MOEA. English Version 

Update: 8/1
Taiwan Railroad service will be normal until 18:00.
High Speed Rail schedule is normal. 
Some Airline Schedules are canceled.  
Road Closed:
 Highway 8 from Guanyuan to Taroko; Highway 7 Ilan to Lishan including North Cross Island Highway from Taoyaung to Ilan; Highway 9 :Suao to Hualien 
Maokong Gondola is closed.  

                 Above pictures from: Directorate
                 General of Highways      
                 For Highway information , please visit:
 Scenic Parks Closed:
A-Lisan in Chiayi, Taipinshan in Illan, Cihu in Taoyuan
                  Typhoon Soala Effective Areas
                  From TCWB
TCWB predicts rainfall would reach 1,500 mm (1 meter) in northern part of Taiwan from Aug 1-3. 

Typhoon Saola is expected to strike Taiwan, starting on the east coast. Taiwan Central Weather Bureau will possibly announce Land Warning on Tuesday afternoon of July 31. TCWB suggest people on the northeast coast and east coast of Taiwan to be cautious and don't go to beaches or nearby the sea. All schedules to Orchid Island and Green Island have been canceled at this time.   
More info please visit: http://www.cwb.gov.tw/V7e/prevent/typhoon/ty.htm?

According to TCWB predication, Typhoon Soala's
most effective on Taiwan is between August 1-3.  

The scale of the wind is 7 on the
Beaufort Wind Scale
Information Source

China and USA predict Soala will make a landfall on
the island. Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong predict
Soala will pass by the northeast coast.
Information Source:

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