Friday, March 30, 2012

Xiaoyehliu- Natural Rock Formations on The East Coast

     I visited Yehliu Geopark on the northeast coast many times but I had never been to Xiaoyehliu on the east coast near Taitung. I was curious what the differences were between Yehliu Geopark and Xiaoyehliu Natural Stone Sculptural Park. From the meaning of the words, xiao means small which refers that Xiaoyehliu is smaller than Yehliu.  Hence, different rock formations and shapes are differences between the two . 
Xiaoyehliu Visitor Center
This is the visitor center. It is very different than other national parks 
or national recreation areas. It is very modern and it looks like a church.
This sculpture is displayed outside of the visitor center.

Walking into the building, visitors can see a giant electric book standing
in the main enterence. Visitors can interact with the E-Book and learn
the geological and natural environments of the area.. 
Visitors can see the rock textures through these two microscopes. 
After visiting the visitor center, we followed the
trail walking down to the rock formation areas. 
This fence is built with many small LED light ropes.
It will light up at night for visitors who are staying 
in the park.
This trail leads visitors to different rock
formation areas. Visitors can access 

through the side trails to the ocean.
This is one of the side trails. 
The driftwood ended up here from other parts of Taiwan after typhoons
and floods. They became part of the scenery. 
This is one of the many rock formations. It has its name but I
don't know what its name is. Maybe mushroom sharp rock?
There is a life ring buoy on each trail in case of 
any accident happening and they are needed. 
I wondered how high the water would be when
 it was high tide?
There were only a few visitors. It was quiet.
Visitors could relax and enjoy the sound of
the wave hitting the rocks. This was one of
    the differences between
 Yehliu Geopark
and Xiaoyehliu. 
Another difference was no Chinese mythology
here. There was only the conversation between
me and nature.

The park named the rock as tofu-like rock because it looked like
the traditional Chinese style tofu on a wood plate.
Someone was bored and was lying down on the bench
waiting for his wife who was enjoying the
sightseeing and the rocks.
This is one of tour bus stops in Xiaoyehliu.
Visitors can take the bus around the popular
scenic spots on the east coast.
There are also other tour bus lines in some
 counties which are sponsored by their local
governments. The fare is very reasonable.
The website:
The park also offers camping and services for outdoor people. This is the
registration office. It is not easy to reserve a campsite during summer and
long weekend holidays. It offers website reservations.  It offers 24 hour free 

shower. Water is heated by solar panels. So, if there are a lot of people
 taking a shower, some might end up with no hot water. 
Reservation website:  
The park provides two style campsites. These are A-frame
wooden campsites with A fram roofs.  The cost is NT$300 per day

 during weekdays and NT$500 per day during weekends.  
This is another style wooden platforms but no cover for rain or the 
hot sun. Each platform has electric power outlets and water supply.    
The park offers free bicycle rentals for 24
 hours. It operates on a first come first serve.
Camping and bicycle rentals are also the
between Yehliu Geopark and
     The Taiwan government provides a very friendly environment for its travelers. I haven't seen any country offering free services like this for its tourists. The free services also apply to foreign visitors.

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