Sunday, November 06, 2011

Warm Welcome to Taiwan

My husband has been inviting his family to Taiwan for 

decades. This day was a very exciting and very important 

day to him and he  couldn't believe that he was going to see

 his sister in Taiwan. It was his dream to host her and other

family members in Taiwan.  Now he had the chance to 

introduce this beautiful island, Taiwan, to her. 

   It took us about 90 mins to drive from Taichung to 

Taoyuan Airport to pick them up. 

It was the first time that my American sister-in-law and her girlfriend visited Taiwan or Asia. 
     Due to the remodeling or reconstruction of the airport 

terminals, the walkway to the parking lot was a little bit 

confusing to us. We had to push their suitcases in the carts 

and walk a long way to get to our car. It was their first 

impression of Taiwan. But it didn't decrease or effect their 

excitements for being in Taiwan. They had met a nice girl  

from Kaohsiung on the airplane from Tokyo to Taiwan and 

had a nice conversation with her. The girl introduced some 

places for them to visit while they were in Taiwan. That was

 their first contact with a Taiwanese. We know they had a 

good start for this trip. 


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