Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Danger Hidden Behind the Beauty in Taroko National Park

     Most people are attracted by the beautiful scenery; however, the beauty sometimes is deadly. Some foreigners came to Taiwan to visit the Taroko National Park. They drove alone on this highway or hiked alone in the park. Because of unfamiliar with the road condition or the suddenly changing of the weather, they ended up missing or fell off the cliffs.  
     Below pictures were taken by my husband. He went to Hualien by Highway 14 (Nantou County) through Highway 8 (Taroko National Park) when Typhoon Parma was close to Taiwan in 2009. You can see how dangerous it was during the  typhoon season in the mountain areas in Taiwan.
The developed Clouds by Typhoon Parma on Highway 14. The torrential rain would fall soon.  
It was a small waterfall on sunny days. But when it rained , it became a  vast waterfall.
It was no longer as a lovely, calm, and smooth river. 
It looks beautiful but it is also dangerous.  
Water-Small-Rock Fall Only During Heavy Rain 
Waterfalls Appear During Torrential Rain 
When the weather cleared up, it was definitely  gorgeous.  
It looked like a Chinese Landscape Painting. 

These Pictures were taken after the typhoon left. He was on his way back to Taichung. 
A landslide started with small rocks and soils. 

My husband was lucky to be alive. 
After being trapped there for hours, my husband decided to take Suhua Highway (Suao to Hualien--another dangerous road) through Taipei back to Taichung on Friday Night. 
Can you image if the huge rock hit this bus?
After a few months, we drove on this highway, the massive landslide covered the entire highway. 

The highway was forced to be reconstructed on the other side of the road.

Below video clip is taken by unknown tourist who was trapped in the park in Oct of 2011.  

Before you visit Taroko National Park, you should visit the park website for the road or hiking trail conditions. 

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  1. You're absolutely right - driving in the mountains during typhoon season can be quite dangerous!
    The photos capture the dramatic beauty of Taiwan during the wet season very well.

    Best wishes,

    Steven Crook
    author, Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide
    app writer, Taiwan For Culture Vultures


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