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The Best Impression of Taiwan --Friendly and Kind Hearted People台灣人的善良和友好,是旅客最佳的印象

I have been thinking about writing this article of the friendly and good hearted Taiwan people for a long time. Taiwan is famous for its foods, technology products, and natural resources; however without Taiwan's people they won't be so well known among all international travelers. According to Taiwan Tourism Bureau's surveys about tourists' impressions on Taiwan, foods and friendly people were above the other selections.  We have met a lot of friendly people during our traveling in Taiwan. Sometimes, we asked people to give us directions and we were amazed by their actions. They took us to the places, out of their ways with their smiling faces. We were so touched by their passions and good hearts.   
根據台灣觀光局對外國遊客的問卷調查中, 台灣的食物和人情是令這些旅客回味最深的. 如果没有善良和好客的人情點綴, 台灣的美食就不會有那麼大的好評.因為有心才會有好的料理. 
This route is our favorite and the most beautiful highway in Taiwan.     
Dayulin--the dividing place of Highway 8 and 14.

It is also a small market for farmers to sell their sweet and delicious crops which are grown in high mountain areas to passer by Taiwanese travelers; however, the highly profitable crops have caused the environmental damages like landslides and destroying the natural habituation .                               
有如小型市場一樣, 當地勤快的農民把種植的高山蔬果運到這裏, 期待來往的過客人採買一些.台灣人愛吃高山蔬果, 因為它們特別的脆和甜;然而,因為這些愛好, 給農民帶來可觀的經濟利益, 間接地鼓勵他們砍伐林木種植蔬果, 導致土地因土石流而流失,及自然生態的破壞.

It is also a bus stop. If you want to go to another beautiful place like Wuling Farm from Taichung, you have to change another bus here. Or f you want to go to Taichung from Hualien, then you have to switch your bus here also. 大禹嶺也是重要的客運轉運點,從台中要往武陵農場必經之路.如果從台中搭公車到花蓮,或花蓮到台中, 則必需在此換車.但車次不多,必須把時間抓緊, 否則就要在山裏過夜了.

We spotted the small bus loaded with people and bikes. I was curious about what it is all about and then I walked  over to the bus to get an answer.
一輛戴滿人和腳踏車的小巴, 就在我們眼前停了下來.
People rented the bus for taking them and their bikes here. So they could coast down the mountain to Hualien. They avoided the most challenge ride on the entire highway. It is a good idea for me.
從大禹嶺到花蓮, 幾乎是下坡路段, 這群車友省去了最艱困的路段, 可以悠然的騎到太魯閣, 對軟腳的我,無疑是好辦法.
People were preparing for their journey. We were curious to ask some questions and talk to them for a while. This is what we like about Taiwan. If you are friendly with opened mind, people would like to talking to you and giving you some ideas about them.
                        好奇心的使然, 我們問一些問題,而他們也很熱心的回題我們的問題.這就是我們之所以愛上台灣的理由之一.用一個開放的心,和人交談, 就會有意外的發現和收穫..

This is the rental information for one of my references.
They invited my husband to take pictures with them. Also two of western hikers were asking my husband if he needed a help. They probably thought he was having troubles with directions. The helpfulness of the people in Taiwan has been here for a long time.
There are three tunnels stacked above each other. I know when I reach the last tunnel on the bottom of the highway 8, I am close to the sea level or arriving in Tienhsiung village.
在台8線, 最顯目的是這三個明隧道,在不同的層次但似互疊而上.我知道當我抵達到最下面一層時, 我已經從海拔3千多的高度降到近海平面,而天祥就在不遠處.

The pagoda in Tienhsuing Village offers a gorgeous views; however, you need the energy to climb up there in order to see the view. I did it before.
位於天祥的塔,爬上去還滿費力的, 但是上面的景緻還不錯.
It was a busy day and we couldn't find a parking space in the parking lot in Tienhsiung. So, I asked these people if we could be park in front of them for a short time while they were enjoying their tea time. No doubt at all, the answer was ok. We started having conversation with these people and were invited to have tea with them.
那天車停得還滿多的,找不到位子停車, 和這些人溝通下, 我們的車停在他們的車前, 和他們閒聊了一下,他們邀請我們一塊喝茶.這是他們享受平淡生活的方式.花最少旳錢,和好友一起享受自然及悠然.

Everyone was laughing. I know my husband mades them laugh with his broken Taiwanese or Mandarin language and his sense of humor. They definitely enjoyed their simple and quality life.
Silks Place (used to be Grand Formosa  Hotel) in Tienhsiang  
This photo was taken in 1983, by my husband's copyright. It was the Tienhsiang Lodge. 
This was the bus station in Tienhsiung. It has somewhat changed. 
                                   1983年的車站, 和現在的車站一樣,但味道卻又不一樣.
This family came late, so they didn't find a good camping spot. The wind almost blew away their tent. My husband started talking to the girl who can speak good English while I was busy in taking photos. Most of young people especially in the cities can speak fluency English. But they are shy and afraid of talking to Foreigners. You have to try to break their shyness in order to get them to open up and talk.       
在整個國家公園內, 有三個露營營地, 除合流營地外, 提供免費的營地,採先到先用的方式, 這是合流營地收費每日200元.
The Holiu campground costs NT$200 per tent per day and only 3 KM from Tienhsiung Village. There are a total of 11wooden campsites along with a restroom, outdoor lights, and shower facilities with cold water. It has a first come first serve policy. Holiu means two rivers merge together. 
合流營地離天祥約3公里,另還有兩個營地完全免費的, 只是没有木造帳台.
If you can't find a campsite here, there are another two campgrounds in the Toroko National Park. But they don't offer the wooden campsites. 
Traveling in Taiwan can be an adventure if you can't speak the language; however, you can express yourself in smiling and your body language. Taiwan people would love to help you out or to reach your destination. 有時在台灣旅遊是一種冒險, 尤其當旅客不會說中文或台語, 但是當你帶著微笑和運用你的身體語言, 台灣人會很樂意地幫助你的. 

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