Wednesday, April 27, 2011

US $100 Travel Vouchers for US and Canada Citizens now through June 30

The Taiwan government has been working hard to attract international tourists to visit Taiwan. I found this useful information for people who are thinking about visiting Taiwan in the near future. Check out the link below and take the advantage of the offer while you are in Taiwan.  
近年來, 台灣政府為了吸引國際觀光客來台灣,針對各國的觀光客有不同的優惠活動;在這提供針對美加國民的優惠活動,台灣政府提供美金100元的禮巻,如果你在6月30日前會到台灣, 不妨享用這個優惠活動. 歡迎來到台灣!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sun Moon Lake with its tranquility!

A couple of our friends visited us in Taichung from Taipei. I and my husband took them to Sun Moon Lake which is located in Nantou County. It is approximately an hour to an hour15 mins drive from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake. It is the biggest artificial lake in Taiwan, built by the Japanese for the purpose of generating power during their 50 years of occupation.
 I had been to Sun Moon Lake many times, and I didn't really see how attractive it was until this time. I discovered why so many people were attracted by its beauty and I felt that I had not really taken the time to absorb the atmosphere of this beautiful place. I had underestimated the natural beauty Sun Moon Lake had to offer.
It was around 8:40 AM when we arrived at the Wen Wu Temple. There were no clouds or mist. The lake was clear and everything was quiet even with two buses of polite Japanese visitors. I entered the temple and paid my respects to the Fortune God and wished for good fortunes. A half hour later, I was amazed by the lake. The mist started rolling in on the surface of the lake and gradually covered portion of the lake. Suddenly, I felt I was in a calm and peaceful world. Traveling to a different spot, it changed its form. It followed the rhythm of the mountain and veiled as a mountain. It was waiting for its visitors to reveal its beauty via their minds.
After circling around the lake with our vehicle, we decided to have High Tea at the Lalu in the afternoon. It was an enjoyable moment with beautiful scenery and good friends sharing life together.
The tranquility was a moment in my life I shall cherish forever.
Year of Steps at Wenwu Temple: There are 366 stairs which represent 366 days of a leap year with the engraving of world famous people on their birthday on each stone.