Wednesday, April 27, 2011

US $100 Travel Vouchers for US and Canada Citizens now through June 30

The Taiwan government has been working hard to attract international tourists to visit Taiwan. I found this useful information for people who are thinking about visiting Taiwan in the near future. Check out the link below and take the advantage of the offer while you are in Taiwan.  
近年來, 台灣政府為了吸引國際觀光客來台灣,針對各國的觀光客有不同的優惠活動;在這提供針對美加國民的優惠活動,台灣政府提供美金100元的禮巻,如果你在6月30日前會到台灣, 不妨享用這個優惠活動. 歡迎來到台灣!

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