Monday, August 20, 2012

What Is Going On With The Weather Pattern In The Pacific?

This photo was posted by the director of Weather Forecast Center of TCWB. It is not a good sign to see this pattern near by Taiwan. I just hope it will bypass Taiwan. 
Picture Source: 鄭明典's FB Page on Aug 19
     Typhoon Tembin Prediction by TCWB: 
TCWB doesn't issue any warning on Typhoon Tembin 
yet. It is under observation by TCWB.  

Typhoon Tembin is now Category 4. Picture Source: 陳旭昇's FB Page on Aug 20.

Picture Source: 鄭明典's FB Page on Aug 20.
Another typhoon Bolaven is formed. It is busy in the sky's of the Pacific Ocean. 

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