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A Ghost-Like Typhoon Tembin

     As the tropical Storm Tembin regained its strength  and became a typhoon again, Taiwan Central Weather Bureau announced the sea warning at 11:30 AM on Aug 26 again. The weather bureau would probably issue the land warning again. Tembin is most likely to make landfall in Pintung County and then go north along the east coast which would effect the entire island. The south crossing island railroad has been shut down since its first landfall and still is under repair. Also many areas are still without a power supply, phone and internet services. So be precaution when traveling to Pintung County and Taitung County. 
TCWB predicted Tembin's Path 
The regaining strength of Tembin at 9 AM, Aug. 26
Via 鄭明典's Photos  
The precised typhoon path prediction has became a
competition among international weather bureaus like
CNN, Japan, Hong kong, the United States, and the 

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, 
and Taiwan. It was interesting to study their predictions.
Photo Source:陳旭昇  
Fujiwhara Effect: Most weather experts worried about Typhoon Tembin and Bolaven would create the effect which was discovered by the Japanese Dr. Fujiwhara during 1921 to 1923. These two typhoons have influenced each other which would bring more damages to Taiwan and Okinawa which Typhoon Bolaven is heading towards. 
Picture Source: 氣象達人彭啟明

     In meteorology, 'Fujiwhara effect' applies to the interaction of two tropical
     cyclones. In general, two tropical cyclones may start to affect each other when
     the distance between them is around 12 latitude degrees (about 1350
     kilometers). When this occurs, The tropical cyclones will rotate around one
     another in a counter-clockwise direction (in Northern Hemisphere) about their
     geometric centre. The centre needs not be the middle of the axis. The stronger
     cyclone tends to have a dominant effect on the track of the weaker one. The
     interaction will end when: there is a stronger influence of a large scale weather
     system from outside, one of the tropical cyclones weakens or the two
     cyclones merge. Research by the Observatory shows that if the distance
     between the two tropical cyclones is 1200 kilometers or more, the chance of
     merging is slim.

The interaction of two tropical cyclones
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