Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Aftermath of Typhoon Tembin

     Typhoon Tembin was no predicted to make landfall in Pintung County. Its damage to Taiwan was smaller than the expectation. It caused major power and flood problems in Pintung County (Kenting) and in Taitung County. Also agricultural product prices are being driven up because of crop losses.   
     But, it also caused some political disputes over the county governor's and city mayors decisions of announcing a day-off  during the typhoon period in the media and the public. Only the governor of Tainan made the right decision for not issuing a day-off when the typhoon hit Taiwan because Tainan was not in danger. 
     The strength of Tembin has weaken, but many weather experts predict it would make a circle and pass by the east parts of Taiwan to north. It could cause some problems in Taiwan again. We will have to wait and see, so be cautious.
Source: Taiwan Central Weather Bureau
Damages in Pintung County: 

Above Picture Source:
Picture Source: CTS

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