Saturday, September 20, 2014

Typhoon Fungwong

Update: 9/21
   Typhoon Fungwong changed its way to the north along the east coast. The most impact area will be the east coast and the northern area. 
Rumor: A 4.8 earthquake happened at 5:14 am near Hualien country has triggered Fungwong to change its direction. Anyway, the smart choice is to avoid the mountain areas or stay away from the water. 

Typhoon Fungwong expects to make its landfall at 8 am on 9/21. It already effects in the central and south of Taiwan. Local governments from Taoyuan to the south, Hualien and Taitung have announced public offices and schools are closed tomorrow.  
If you have any question about Taiwan High Speed Railway schedule for 9/21, please dial: 4066-3000 (landline) or 02-4066-3000 (mobile)
THSR: Before 14:00. Southbound and Northbound will be scheduled on every 00, 20, 40. After 1400 all schedules will be on its normal schedule. Info from THSR website

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Be careful of its Preticipation  

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