Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Free Wifi for Visitors in Taiwan -- iTaiwan

Update: Because of a lot of visitors waiting in line for applying for the free wifi service at the airport, the government starting on 12/20 will allow visitors to apply for the service on line before arriving in Taiwan. Once visitors arrive, they can go to any tourist service centers in Taiwan to activate this service with their passports. It can be extended from 30 days up to 60-90 days. 

 Taiwan Tourist Bureau starts offering free wifi service for all inbound travelers. When tourists arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, they can go to the tourist service center to apply for iTaiwan service by presenting their passports. If travelers don't apply at the airport, they can visit any tourist service center around the island for iTaiwan. The service cooperated with TPE-Free, New Taipei, iTaichung city, and Tainan-Wifi to let travelers easy access to the service. Travelers can access the free wifi at government buildings and major public transportation areas.  It is good for up to 90 days.
If you see this sign on the walls or doors in any buildings, it means it offers free wifi service.
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Below information is from iTaiwan Website:

Can I use an account registered on iTaiwan to roam among TPE-Free,
 New Taipei or Tainan-Wifi wireless internet service?
The Executive Yuan has cooperated with the Taipei city government,
New Taipei city government and Tainan city government to
establish a two-way user account roaming mechanism between
Tainan Free Public WiFi Access (Tainan-Wifi), Taipei Free Public
WiFi Access (TPE-Free), New Taipei WiFi Access (NewTaipei),
and iTaiwan. The public only needs to complete registration on
iTaiwan network to access all iTaiwan, TPE-Free,
New Taipei, and Tainan-Wifi hotspots for accessing the
internet over WiFi.

Is iTaiwan service available to foreign visitors?
If you are a foreign visitor and would like to use iTaiwan service,
you can present your passport or entry permit
(for Mainland China residents) at a Travel Service
Center located at any major airports, train stations
or mass rapid transit (MRT) stations in Taiwan and
 give the service personnel your e-mail address. After
the service personnel applies for an account number
for you, you can use the account number to access
the Internet at any major indoor public area in Taiwan
free of charge. Information on Travel Service Centers is as follows:
1. Travel Service Center, Tourism Bureau Located at
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung
International Airport and Travel Service Center, Tourism Bureau.
For detailed information, please visit: detailed information
2. County and City Visitor Centers Located at Taipei Songshan
International Airport, major mass rapid transit stations in Taipei,
Taipei Main Station, major airports and train stations
in counties and cities, and High Speed Rail stations.
For detailed information, please visit: detailed information
You can also use a native mobile phone number or a
native prepaid card number to register a account for
the use of iTaiwan service or register
for a TPE-Free account to log onto iTaiwan service.
For TPE-Free registration information, please visit:detailed information

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