Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Update: Suhua Highway Condition!

Update on 12/28

***Suhua Highway will be opened for cars which weight is under 3.5 tons at 1 pm of Dec 28 to Jan 2 for the new year. It will be closed after Jan 3 till lunar new year. 
*** Wulin Farm is limited to 5000 visitors per day. Visitors who are planing to stay overnight at campsites or hotels need to grant permits from the hotels or the campsites. The overnight visitors are limited to 1800 people per day.
Individual visitors for one day visit are required to take public transportation. The number is 3200 people per day. Visitors can take Kuokuang Bus at Taipei station and Ilan station, Capital Bus at Taipei City Hall Station, and Fengyuan Bus at Lishan Station.  

Update on 12/24
***Suhua Highway is set to open on Dec 31 for the 4 day new year holiday with one lane traffic control .  Although it will be opened, the land and ground are  still saturated with water from the recent intermittent rains and occasionally with falling rocks. Your safety is your responsibility for driving on this highway. 
*** There were landslides or massive falling rocks on Highway 8 close Toroko National Park on 12/24 afternoon. There was no news posted in Taiwan newspapers or TV news. A photo which was posted on FB friend's page and the author didn't authorize me to share it here is scary. As the note in the Toroko National Park website states: Travelers should check the road condition before they travel to the national park because the constant rains cause the landslides and falling rocks.    
*** Snow chain is required when drives to Mt. Hohuan due to the icy road condition. 

     Recent rain (33 days rain) has caused massive landslides on Suhua Highway which is from Suao to Hualien in Taiwan. It is closed for repairing. It is expected to reopen on Jan 13 2013. If you plan to drive or ride through this section, you probably have to change your plan. 
Photo was taken from one of my FB friend'd page.

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