Sunday, October 21, 2012

American Southwest Trip: Day 8 Side Trip to Fishlake National Forest, Utah

     Since the scenic drive was closed in Capital Reef National Park, we decided to drive to our hotel in Torrey which was outside of the park. The hotel location was not too far from the park. We asked if we could check-in early. The answer was no because our room was not yet cleaned. So, now the question was what could we do for the entire afternoon? We found there was a tourist information center next to our hotel parking lot. It was time to get information for killing our time in the afternoon. We were introduced to Fish Lake which was not too far from the park, was a popular place for visitors and a beautiful scenic drive.      
This was another RV from Europe. I personally liked the color contrasts . The black color made the vivid yellow stand out more. 

There are three small towns near by this national park. The order from the park to Fish Lake are Torrey, Bicknell, and Loa. We found the gasoline price in Bicknell was cheaper than in Torrey. 
A dummy was placed in this police car on the road side near by Loa to warn drivers to slow down. 
After the town of Loa, we gradually climbed up on the winding mountain road. We hardly saw traffic on the road. Perhaps because it was a weekday afternoon.   
These circle ponds were too perfect in shape. I doubted they were naturally formed. But why did they need to be perfect round-shape?
We were standing on the historical Spanish Trail trying to image how people traveled to the west with their caravans in the 19th century. 
The elevation of Fish Lake is about 8,848 ft (2,697 m.) I felt a little chilled standing out side of our car for taking this picture.
A walking trail along the lake 
When I saw these cattle on the open range, it reminded me about the trading war between the United State and Taiwan. A lot of Taiwanese were angry with the Taiwan's government for allowing American beef which contained Paylean (hormone) to be import to Taiwan under the United State's government's pressure. The purpose of opening the market was in exchange for military sales, visa waiver, and having the opportunity to sign TIFA and then becoming one of the FTA's members. I doubted if these cattle were feed with Paylean which is harmful to the human body?  Why can't we consume beef without these additional man-made products? After learning the argument about the Paylean beef issue in Taiwan, I became more cautious when I purchases beef in the supermarket in the States.  
The foliage decorated the highway with various colors.   
Overlooking the highway 
By seeing these flags on the road side, we were attracted to stop and take a look what the sign was all about. 

The decoration depicted the traders' journey on the trail in old times. 
It was an enjoyable drive to Fish Lake. My husband and I stopped at the road side trying to figure out how the irrigation system worked on the way back to our hotel. 
We thought cows in Wisconsin had a better life than these cows. It also reminded me about the slogan of the milk advertisement, "Happy Cows come from California." Would it be true? I saw some cow farms in California had the same situation when we traveled to California. Well, everyone makes his/her own judgement.  To me I do not like to drink milk which comes from these cows, if I have the choice knowing where the milk comes from.
This was a unique and attractive B&B in Torrey which we found while cruising in the town.   
This view was taking from our hotel room. When we checked in at the hotel it was still a bit early. So we decided to take a short nape in the hotel before revisiting the national park. 

Although  Torrey was a small town, it had more things to offer than Green River. Before we went to the park, we decided to feed ourselves first. We stopped at this restaurant because the parking lot was full. We guessed its food must be good to attract people to eat here. 
It emphasized its beef was 100% authentic black Angus. The decoration in the restaurant was also unique which put a smile on their costumers' faces.     
These hamburgers tasted good. 

Heading to Capital Reef National Park for the sunset. 


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