Sunday, December 04, 2011

One Day Trip in Taipei with B.M.W

     It was the first day that we started our travel journey in Taiwan. The day before was just a warm-up day for the entire 13 days trip. It was unusual that it rained during this time. Normal, it was a dry season in Oct or Nov. It was not good for our plan because we were going to experience the true Taipei life with B.M.W. ................Wait, don't even think about that we really had a BMW car waiting for us.  
      B.M.W is a transportation system in Taipei for ordinary people, students, or commuters between home and working places.  B represents the bus system or bike,  M is MRT (Municipal Rapid Transit), and W is for walking. It is also a very convenient system for a traveler who is on his or her budget.  You can take a bus or walk to a MRT station. After getting off MRT, you can walk or take a bus to your destination. It offers many bus schedules in many places, especially at tourist spots. MRT starts at 6 AM and closes at 12 PM. The bus system is cooperated with MRT schedule, starting at 6 AM to 12 PM, depending on which bus line you are taking.  After the completion of the MRT system, the traffic congestion situation was improved tremendously.   
In order to having energy for dealing with our schedule, we would need a good breakfast. 

It offered various selections. It was good enough to me 
     Since we were not a typical tour group, we had changed our schedule due to the weather condition. Originally, our first stop was Taipei 101. Its visibility would be bad because of rain. So, we decided to visit National Palace Museum first.  We spent 3 hours in the museum. It seemed too long for us because we were exhausted by just working in the museum. 
The picture was taken by our friend Ted & Anne 
Learning how to take MRT
This photo is distributed by Anne & Ted
Waiting for MRT

     After left the museum, we had our original schedule on the track. We visited Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, which is the best place that you can take an entire picture of Taipei 101 with you. Most of tour groups will visit this place for taking pictures with Taipei 101. 
     It was built and finished in 1972 to commemorate the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr.Sun Yat Sen. There is a giant bronze stature of Dr. Sun yat Sen in the main hall with honor guards standing rigidly aside. The guards will change their shift on the hour. It attracts a lot of people to see them changing the shift. At the same time, it offers local residents a space for leisure activities. 
We got off MRT at the Sun Yat Sun Station. 

It is the best place that you can take the entire 101 with you. 

We were lucky that the weather cleared up.

The Main Entree

Palm Trees Blocked The Front View 

We were on our way to Taipei 101 by walking.

You can rent a bicycle and return it to another place in Taipei.  But the design is not very convenient. You are only allowed to take your bike on MRT on certain time and day.  The buses don't have any bicycle carriers which means you can't take a bike with you to any places.  
When we arrived at Taipei 101, it was just like a zoo.  We were waiting on the lines for purchasing  tickets and for getting to the observation tower. It took us more than an hour on Sunday afternoon.  By the time, it was dark and raining when we were there. 
Sometimes, the clouds were blocked our views. We couldn't see the views of the Taipei city well. Our plan ( either way in the morning or in the afternoon) for visit Taipei 101 was effected by the weather situation. I told myself that God did it for some reasons.

     By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted and tired. I thought we had enough walking for the day. If you plan to visit Taipei, don't forget to take BMW around the city. Have a nice travel experience in Taipei.  

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