Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tea Tasting Trip in Nantou, Taiwan

I remember that I wrote about Taiwan’s Chinese Tea Ceremony in my English Composition class when I was a college student in the States a while ago. Time really flies by and it has been 6 years already. Now, I live in Taiwan and see people changing the way of drinking tea, especial the young generation. They go to a tea shop which is similar to Starbuck Coffee to buy a cup of brewed tea and share time with friends. It is much more convenient compared to the traditional way of drinking tea. It also seems to adapt to the modern lifestyle which requires everything must be quick and no time to wait.   But, it changes the relationship between people and the enjoyment of drinking good tea with friends. 
The traditional way of drinking tea is not about quenching people’s thirst in Taiwan culture. It is about the spirit of tea. When we have the tea ceremony, we enjoy the companionship and share our feeling and lives with friends and loved ones more than the quality of the tea. When you visit Taiwan, don’t forget to experience the art of tea in the Taiwan tea ceremony.
The way of Tea Competition Procedure(台灣比賽茶評比的方式):

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